Squash Camp Interlaken, Switzerland

Event Description

Our programme will focus on your technique and help develop your physical capacity whilst taking into consideration your age and physical development.

We will also work with you to improve your mental toughness:

  • Sessions of stretching and relaxation.
  • Develop a personalised action plan for you to take away and work on.
  • Individual coaching sessions tailored to your specic needs.
  • Video analysis and seminars to improve your tactics.
  • Sport psychology and visualisation to help you achieve your personal squash goals.

Event Map

Event Prices

  • Squash Camp
  • € 190.00

  • For Club Members
  • Squash Camp
  • € 230.00

  • For non-members

Want to participate?

Do not hesitate to contact us!

Event Schedule

Squash Training

Tino CasasSquash Trainer



Squash Training

Tino CasasSquash Trainer

Leasure activities

Squash Training

Tino CasasSquash Trainer


Squash Matches & Tournament

Tino CasasSquash Trainer

Event Coordinators

Tino Casas


Professional Squash Coach since 2004. Professional Squash Player From 1999-2003.

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