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Our vision is to provide unforgettable experiences around our beloved sport of squash! As professional event managers, we will do anything to offer the best customer experience. Our international squash camps not only give participants the chance to discover new destinations around the Globe. Our events also allow international squash enthusiasts to get to know other squash players and have a great time together where squash is always central.

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Upcoming Squash Camps

Aug 2019
Aug 23

Event DescriptionWe are very proud to announce that from 23 to 25 August 2019, Worldenjoyer will organize a Squash Camp...

Sep 2019
Sep 25

Event DescriptionTRAVEL to an exotic place, IMPROVE your Squash skills and ENJOY great atmosphere of our international squash camps!You are...

Okt 2019
Okt 11

Event DescriptionOur programme will focus on your technique and help develop your physical capacity whilst taking into consideration your age...

Nov 2019
Nov 01

Event DescriptionWe are delighted to present you the first edition of this ADVANCED and ELITE Squash Camp in Zürich, Switzerland!With squash...

Nov 06

Event DescriptionEver wondered how it is to play in an interactiveSQUASH court? How it is to play against yourself? TRAVEL...

Nov 15

Event DescriptionTRAVEL to one of the most beautiful cities in Switzerland, IMPROVE your squash skills and ENJOY a great international...

Dez 2019
Dez 02

Event DescriptionSquash Camp Lanzarote: TRAVEL to one of the most special Canary Island of Lanzarote! IMPROVE both technique and tactics...

Nov 2020
Nov 28

Event DescriptionAre you ready to take your squash experience to another level?We are delighted to present you the first edition of...

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